[isabelle-dev] Isabelle sources at 0 Kelvin

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Tue Nov 13 15:37:31 CET 2007

Dear Isabelle contributors,

as we approach the official Isabelle2007 release, the CVS has finally 
reached the critical point of 0 Kelvin (concerning entropy of the 

This means that further changes to the main system and libraries will only 
be accepted if they address critical problems (show stoppers).

There are still a couple of days left to polish the manuals, though.

Due to the enormous complexity of the system with all its contributing 
components (Proof General, Poly/ML, external provers etc.) and the 
multitude of supported platforms, we still need something like two weeks 
of testing until the final release can be shipped.

See http://www4.in.tum.de/~wenzelm/test/website-test/index.html for the 
present snapshot, which is called "isa2007-test" instead of the 
forthcoming "Isabelle2007".

Please take the opportunity to check this on your favourite system 
installation (homegrown Linux kernel, exotic Emacs version etc.), using 
the official binaries provided from the website.


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