[isabelle-dev] [polyml] Release of version 5.1 (fwd)

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Thu Nov 22 14:15:30 CET 2007

Now that Poly/ML 5.1 has come out, we are ready to release Isabelle2007 
shortly.  So this is the very last chance to point out any serious 
problems of the present test version from 


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Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 11:52:55 +0000
From: David Matthews <David.Matthews at prolingua.co.uk>
To: PolyML mailing list <polyml at inf.ed.ac.uk>
Subject: [polyml] Release of version 5.1

I've now installed the official release of Poly/ML 5.1 on sourceforge. I'll
update the web site shortly.  As well as the various fixes and updates I
mentioned earlier, such as threading and saving state, there were also some
last-minute fixes to get Poly/ML working on the new Mac OS X release.

There are a few minor bugs that were reported that I have held over to the next
release rather than risk breaking existing code.  I'll add the fixes to CVS.
That version will become a testing release of 5.2.

It would be helpful to be kept aware if anyone is planning to package Poly/ML
for any of the distributions just to keep track of them and to avoid duplication
of effort.

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