[isabelle-dev] Unicode tokens and Isabelle fonts

Lucas Dixon ldixon at inf.ed.ac.uk
Wed Jul 29 13:55:04 CEST 2009


I've been using the Unicode tokens with Proof General (PG 3.7.1, Emacs, Using the IsabelleMono font), and thought I should give a
little feedback (in order of importance, I think):

1 - I find the arrow heads too small, and the lines which make up the
arrows too thin. It is very hard to distinguish --> from <--

2 - the "^" character is very small and thin - I'd like it to be more

3 - It's nice to have the "-" and ">" characters align so that, when
writing in ASCII you can write an arrow which has the head well
balanced. Same goes for the arrow "=>".

4 - the bold version of the font leaves most non-ascii characters
looking just as thin as the book version of the font. I'd like bold font
to make the mathematical symbols bold too.

and a couple of more stylistic things, which might be down to my
personal taste:

5 - The ' character is very long and tends to bump into the character
that proceeds it.

6 - I would like the brackets (especially square ones) to be a bit thicker.

Is there plans to develop the Isabelle font further?


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