[isabelle-dev] Unicode tokens and Isabelle fonts

David Aspinall David.Aspinall at ed.ac.uk
Wed Jul 29 17:38:07 CEST 2009

> Good to see this back to live.  Just a few days ago even the tracker was 
> down, and all I could find in the changelog was a very old commit of mine.

Really?  Sorry to hear that, they have been switching servers around 
here.  Please let me know if you have problems and I can chase up.

> In the mean time we have our own problems of getting robust 
> Isabelle/Scala integration, with all the gory details done right, so 
> that in the end there will be a usable system.

Good!  Will be delighted/hopeful to retire PG Emacs during its second 
decade.  Although of course I would have preferred a cross-prover solution.

  - D.

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