[isabelle-dev] x-symbols

David Aspinall David.Aspinall at ed.ac.uk
Thu Sep 3 21:10:47 CEST 2009

Lawrence Paulson wrote:
> Thanks for the tip. On the X11 version of Emacs, I found Options -> Set 
> font/fontset and it did the trick.
> I didn't have any luck however with Aquamacs (http://aquamacs.org/), 
> which claims to be based on Emacs 23. I could not find Options -> Set 
> font/fontset at all.

On Emacs 23, there should be "Options -> Set Default Font..." instead.
Do you have that option?

For Emacs 23, I have now improved the Unicode Tokens mode so it's
possible to select a separate font for symbols than is used for text.
The new menu options are at Tokens -> Set Fonts.

The default is to try to use Stixfonts for tokens, which look quite
nice.  The ttf conversion of the beta is here


On recent Linux, you can just unpack these into your ~/.fonts folder, if
  you can't find a system wide package.

I hadn't realised that Emacs 23 was released at the end of July.  At
last!  I managed to resurrect an old Powerbook and try out the build
from CVS which worked well but needed some hackery to get the new font
menu working.  (A binary build of Emacs 23 is available here:
http://emacsformacosx.com/ although I haven't tried it myself).

  - D.

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