[isabelle-dev] Bug: Possible generalization error in 'Tactic.rule_by_tactic'

Simon Meier simon.meier at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Apr 9 20:49:23 CEST 2010

Dear Isabelle-Devs,

while working on my Isabelle extension for an embedded security protocol 
logic, I stumbled upon the code of 'rule_by_tactic' in Pure/tactic.ML:

(*Makes a rule by applying a tactic to an existing rule*)
fun rule_by_tactic tac rl =
     val ctxt = Variable.thm_context rl;
     val ((_, [st]), ctxt') = Variable.import true [rl] ctxt;
     (case Seq.pull (tac st) of
       NONE => raise THM ("rule_by_tactic", 0, [rl])
     | SOME (st', _) =>
         zero_var_indexes (singleton (Variable.export ctxt' ctxt) st'))

As the following ISAR snippet shows this code suffers from the problem 
of conjuring up a context from the given theorem.

locale test =
   fixes t x
   assumes ensure_clash [simp]: "t = x"

(* The command below fails because the meta-variables ?t::?'a
    in @{thm refl} are converted to the free variables t::'a.
    These variables are not completely free; i.e., they are known in
    some rules in the simpset. Hence, the simplifier rewrites it
    and later generalization fails.


Tactic.rule_by_tactic (PRIMITIVE (simplify @{simpset})) @{thm refl}


Taking the context as an additional argument obviously solves this problem.

I don't know how relevant this problem is. It seems that 
'rule_by_tactic' is used in a few places. So the above problem may occur 
in a few seldom cases...

best regards,
Simon Meier

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