[isabelle-dev] Pattern.match -- a minute

Walther Neuper neuper at ist.tugraz.at
Wed Mar 3 11:42:16 CET 2010


re-entering a work done several years ago I now struggle with a simple 
detail for an hour -- so apologize the simplistic questions, please:

theory Test
imports Complex_Main
ML {*
   val thy = @{theory Complex_Main};
   val parse = Syntax.read_term_global thy;
   val (pa, tm) = (parse "a + b::real", parse "x + 2*z::real");
   val (tye, tme) =
        (Vartab.empty : Type.tyenv, Vartab.empty : Envir.tenv);
   Pattern.match thy (pa, tm) (tye, tme);

... raises:
*** Exception- TOPLEVEL_ERROR raised
*** At command "ML".

(1) How can I get better error messages ?
(2) How do I get rid of the error message ?

Thanks a lot,
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