[isabelle-dev] NEWS: Nat_Bijection library

Brian Huffman brianh at cs.pdx.edu
Wed Mar 17 16:19:04 CET 2010

For Library/Nat_Bijection.thy, I decided to follow this naming scheme:

  foo_encode :: "foo => nat"
  foo_decode :: "nat => foo"

extending the pattern of "pair_encode" and "list_encode" which had
existed in Countable.thy.

I'm still open to suggestions for improved names, though. The original
names like "nat_to_int_bij" were kind of long, but they are more
descriptive than the new names are.

- Brian

* Library/Nat_Bijection.thy is a collection of bijective functions
between nat and other types, which supersedes the older libraries
Library/Nat_Int_Bij.thy and HOLCF/NatIso.thy.  INCOMPATIBILITY.

  Nat_Int_Bij.nat2_to_nat         ~> prod_encode
  Nat_Int_Bij.nat_to_nat2         ~> prod_decode
  Nat_Int_Bij.int_to_nat_bij      ~> int_encode
  Nat_Int_Bij.nat_to_int_bij      ~> int_decode
  Countable.pair_encode           ~> prod_encode
  NatIso.prod2nat                 ~> prod_encode
  NatIso.nat2prod                 ~> prod_decode
  NatIso.sum2nat                  ~> sum_encode
  NatIso.nat2sum                  ~> sum_decode
  NatIso.list2nat                 ~> list_encode
  NatIso.nat2list                 ~> list_decode
  NatIso.set2nat                  ~> set_encode
  NatIso.nat2set                  ~> set_decode

  Nat_Int_Bij.bij_nat_to_int_bij  ~> bij_int_decode
  Nat_Int_Bij.nat2_to_nat_inj     ~> inj_prod_encode
  Nat_Int_Bij.nat2_to_nat_surj    ~> surj_prod_encode
  Nat_Int_Bij.nat_to_nat2_inj     ~> inj_prod_decode
  Nat_Int_Bij.nat_to_nat2_surj    ~> surj_prod_decode
  Nat_Int_Bij.i2n_n2i_id          ~> int_encode_inverse
  Nat_Int_Bij.n2i_i2n_id          ~> int_decode_inverse
  Nat_Int_Bij.surj_nat_to_int_bij ~> surj_int_encode
  Nat_Int_Bij.surj_int_to_nat_bij ~> surj_int_decode
  Nat_Int_Bij.inj_nat_to_int_bij  ~> inj_int_encode
  Nat_Int_Bij.inj_int_to_nat_bij  ~> inj_int_decode
  Nat_Int_Bij.bij_nat_to_int_bij  ~> bij_int_encode
  Nat_Int_Bij.bij_int_to_nat_bij  ~> bij_int_decode

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