[isabelle-dev] Kodkodi upgrade

Jasmin Christian Blanchette jasmin.blanchette at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 22:15:28 CEST 2010

Hi all,

In the coming days, I would like to discontinue support for old versions of Kodkodi (Nitpick's Java backend). If you want to keep using Nitpick with the development version, you might need to upgrade Kodkodi.

If you are lazy (in the positive C.S. sense of the term of course!), stop reading this email now and come back to it if and when Nitpick stops working.

If you are eager, enter this line in an Isabelle theory

    ML {* getenv "KODKODI_VERSION" *}

If it prints "1.2.9" or less, you should probably upgrade Kodkodi.

1. Download http://www4.in.tum.de/~blanchet/kodkodi-1.2.15.tgz
2. tar zxvf kodkodi-1.2.15.tgz
3. Modify the path to the Kodkodi component in "~/.isabelle/etc/components" or "~/.isabelle/etc/settings".

If you have a standard Isabelle2009-2 package on your machine, you can skip steps 1 and 2 and simply steal the Kodkodi version that's in "contrib". E.g. on a Mac with standard paths, Kodkodi is here:


This change is a hassle, but it will make it possible to get rid of some nasty environment-variable hacking in Isabelle.



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