[isabelle-dev] Accented characters

Johannes Hölzl hoelzl at in.tum.de
Thu Jan 13 13:35:32 CET 2011

Am Donnerstag, den 13.01.2011, 12:33 +0100 schrieb Lars Noschinski:
> On 13.01.2011 12:15, Gerwin Klein wrote:
> > On 13/01/2011, at 8:51 PM, Larry Paulson wrote:
> >
> >> Accented characters on our website no longer display correctly on
> >> Macs. I don't know precisely when this happened, but I'm sure it's
> >> fairly recent. In fact, the characters don't even display correctly in
> >> the HTML source. It may be a character encoding problem. Clearly, it
> >> renders correctly in Google Chrome but not in Firefox or Safari.
> >

> Normally, the declaration in the document should override the 
> declaration sent by the server; but probably the <?xml ..?> processing 
> instruction is ignored by Firefox and Safari, as the document is marked 
> as html, not xml. The correct fix is to add an additional meta-element, 
> specifying the charset, as outlined in the XHTML specification:

Which is probably happily ignored by the browser or the servers, as the
delivered contents is not valid HTML nor valid XML. The specified
root-element in the DOCTYPE declarations is wrong which may lead to the
failure in character encoding detection.

I changed this, however I currently can't push to the repository or
update the website. I sent Florian a email and hope he can pull from my
repository and update the website.


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