[isabelle-dev] Towards Isabelle2011 release

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Mon Jan 24 16:12:27 CET 2011

Here is another test release:


while the main Isabelle code base seems to be in good shape, there are 
various issues with the overall integration of external tools on the 
different platforms that we support officially.  Some of them have been 

Some notable changes:

   * contrib/spass-3.7: make it actually work on x86-darwin (Leopard)
     (avoiding really weird crashes and strange error messages with

   * contrib/cvc3-2.2: make it actually work on darwin without Mac Ports

   * contrib/z3: make it actually work on x86_64-linux; still not working
     on Windows/Cygwin (?) unavailable on Mac OS X (!)

   * Cygwin: Back to old ProofGeneral- with ancient XEmacs, because
     PG 4.x with GNU Emacs 23 is very slow here.

   * ProofGeneral-4.1pre110112: deleted .elc files on Linux to improve
     compatibility with GNU Emacs 23.1.x instead of 23.2.1

In the Mac OS X app/dmg I have also exchanged GNU Emacs 23.2.x ("no 
nonsense version") with Aquamacs 2.1, although it looks again like this is 
the choice between Scylla and Charybdis.

It is also unclear when exactly PG 4.1-final will be released this week.


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