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Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Jun 22 16:57:37 CEST 2011

See also Isabelle/bf7400573617.


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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 11:30:19 +0200
From: Vampire <Vampire at jEdit.org>
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Subject: [ jEdit-announce ] jEdit 4.4.1 is out!

Hi all,

I proudly present 4.4.1, the first official stable release of the 
4.4 series of jEdit.

I want to appologize again for the confusion that arised when the faulty 
4.4 release was created and then taken back down. To avoid confusion 
about what version someone is using, the 4.4 release is skipped 

Here are some convenient links to see the live state of major problems:

- Bugs which are marked as "severe":

- Bugs which are marked as "regressive":

Volunteers are always welcome to fix these bugs:

That being said, here is the download link:

FYI, merge requests for the 4.4 series (fix done, but waiting for a review):

For those who want to stick with the 4.3 series of jEdit we also
created a new bugfix release 4.3.3. (see separate announcement mail)

Have fun with the new release.

Björn "Vampire" Kautler

jEdit 4.4 version history
        (changes since jEdit 4.3)

{{{ Version 4.4.1

Thanks to Björn "Vampire" Kautler, Kazutoshi Satoda, Alan Ezust,
and Matthieu Casanova for contributing to this release.

{{{ Bug Fixes

- Collapsing all folds will move the caret outside any fold if necessary
   (Matthieu Casanova)

- Fixed an exception that occurs when opening jEdit from command line
   with some files to open as argument if a jEdit server is running
   (#3173669 - Matthieu Casanova)

- jEdit now force drops from external applications to be COPY and not
   MOVE drops. It prevents ftp explorer from deleting dropped files
   (#1208598 - Matthieu Casanova)

- Changing bufferset scopes now saved to properties as default scope.
   (#3316329 - Matthieu Casanova)

- Buffersets no longer populated with open files when creating new view.
   (#2990965 - Matthieu Casanova and Alan Ezust)

- BufferSet contents of new Plain View #3317405 fixed (Matthieu Casanova)

- When the cursor was at a start (or end) of non-top (non-bottom) line,
   Find Next (Previous) for a non-empty regex starting with "^" (ending
   with "$") wrongly skipped the occurrence at the cursor.
   (SF.net bug #2953604 - Kazutoshi Satoda)

- Corrected a wrong specifications (javadoc comments) of
   SearchMatcher#nextMatch(). (SF.net bug #2953604 - Kazutoshi Satoda)

- Fixed an exception that prevent from opening properties dialog of non local
   files in the VFS Browser (#3199876 - Matthieu Casanova)

- Remove sending to background from the Linux start script, otherwise it cannot
   be used properly as commit editor with the -wait option or to get the -usage
   output on the commandline properly (Björn "Vampire" Kautler)

- Improve integration with Unity Launcher. Without this change if you pin jEdit
   to the Launcher and then run it, a separate icon for the running instance is
   shown. With this change this is correctly merged with the pinned starter.
   (Björn "Vampire" Kautler)



jEdit buffer local properties:

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