[isabelle-dev] Application for Google Summer of Code 2011

Sascha Boehme boehmes at in.tum.de
Wed Mar 9 09:45:46 CET 2011


We are in the process of applying as a mentoring organization for this
year's Google Summer of Code (SoC).  Some 150 open-source
organizations and some thousand students take part in SoC every year
-- and Google announced to accept more organizations this year.


Participating in SoC requires to propose projects which have the
potential to attract students from all over the world (students
interested in Isabelle might also suggest their own projects).  Each
project will also need a mentor which supports the student during Soc
(from mid of May until mid of August).

We are looking for project ideas related to Isabelle, and will collect
them on a website:


Please consider sending ideas to us which are attractive and could be
accomplished by interested students essentially within three months
(but continuing these projects after the end of SoC is encouraged both
by Google and by us).

We need at least the following information for each project idea:

  * a title
  * a mentor (with contact information)
  * a brief description (one/two paragraphs)
  * a list of technologies required by the student

The SoC application deadline is this Friday, 12:00 UTC.  We would like
to have collected most of the ideas by then, but more ideas could be
added afterwards as well.

Looking forward to your project ideas,
Sascha & Jasmin

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