[isabelle-dev] Merge-Sort Implementation (and a question, on induction_schema)

Andreas Lochbihler andreas.lochbihler at kit.edu
Thu Nov 3 12:40:16 CET 2011

Hi Christian,

I am not completely sure what you mean. It is possible to leave key out of the 
conclusion in sequences_induct.

lemma sequences_induct[case_names Nil singleton IH]:
   assumes "P []" and "!!x. P [x]"
   and "!!a b xs. [| key b < key a ==> P (drop_desc key b xs);
                    ~ key b < key a ==> P (drop_asc key b xs) |]
        ==> P (a # b # xs)"
   shows "P xs"
using assms by (induction_schema)(pat_completeness, lexicographic_order)

However, when you apply this rule using induct, key is not instantiated by 
unification. In order to use the "case Nil" syntax in Isar proofs, you must 
explicitly instantiate key in the induction method via the taking clause. 
Otherwise, key is left as an unbound variable in the goal state.
For example:

proof(induct xs taking: "concrete_key" rule: sequences_induct)


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