[isabelle-dev] NEWS: removed indexed basis

Johannes Hölzl hoelzl at in.tum.de
Fri Dec 14 15:59:25 CET 2012

* HOL/Multivariate_Analysis:
  Replaced "basis :: 'a::euclidean_space => nat => real" and
  "\<Chi>\<Chi> :: (nat => real) => 'a::euclidean_space" on euclidean spaces by
  using the inner product "_ \<bullet> _" with vectors from the Basis set.
  "\<Chi>\<Chi> i. f i" is replaced by "SUM i : Basis. f i *r i".

  With this change the following constants are also chanegd or removed:

    DIM('a) :: nat   ~>   card (Basis :: 'a set)   (is an abbreviation)
    a $$ i    ~>    inner a i  (where i : Basis)
    cart_base i     removed
    \<pi>, \<pi>'   removed

  Theorems about these constants where removed.

  Renamed lemmas:

    component_le_norm   ~>   Basis_le_norm
    euclidean_eq   ~>   euclidean_eq_iff
    differential_zero_maxmin_component   ~>   differential_zero_maxmin_cart
    euclidean_simps   ~>   inner_simps
    independent_basis   ~>   independent_Basis
    span_basis   ~>   span_Basis
    in_span_basis   ~>   in_span_Basis
    norm_bound_component_le   ~>   norm_boound_Basis_le
    norm_bound_component_lt   ~>   norm_boound_Basis_lt
    component_le_infnorm   ~>   Basis_le_infnorm


This change was suggested by Brian Huffman and it finished his introduction of the Basis set.

 - Johannes

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