[isabelle-dev] Editing large sessions with Isabelle/jEdit

Lars Noschinski noschinl at in.tum.de
Thu Dec 6 13:58:46 CET 2012

On 06.12.2012 13:47, Makarius wrote:
> Dear early adopters,
> in Isabelle/608265769ce0 there is a small change that collects "bulk
> edits" of many incoming buffers. This allows to edit really big sessions
> with lots of imports smoothly. JinjaThreads already looks quite small now.
> There were other bottle-necks like the "text overview" column painting.
> I've made workaround of reducing its maximum text interval with the
> option jedit_text_overview_limit some weeks ago.
> So it should be possible to edit the largest sessions of the publicly
> visible Isabelle universe. If there are still limitations, please keep
> me informed.

Does this also influence memory usage? In the last weeks, I occasionally 
had the problem that Isabelle/jEdit sort-of ran out of memory on 
long-running sessions.

With "sort-of", I mean that the word stopped for a few seconds 
(apparently for garbage collection). Memory usage then dropped to around 
750 of 1000MiB, but filled up very quickly again, even if I was just 
browsing around, not making any changes (This was with my graph library, 
which hasn't a current, publicly available copy at the moment. But it is 
definitely small compared to e.g. Probability).

Of course, I might just need to increase the default memory limit of the 

   -- Lars

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