[isabelle-dev] Reasons mira crashes

Lars Noschinski noschinl at in.tum.de
Fri Dec 14 10:12:52 CET 2012

On 14.12.2012 09:40, Lars Noschinski wrote:
> On 28.11.2012 10:11, Lars Noschinski wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> mira still crashes from time to time. Sometimes, it is not a programming
>> error, but some external error condition which could maybe be handled
>> more gracefully:
> Next error condition: Isabelle fails to produce any heap image. I have
> no idea what failed there (the commit on which it failed seems to be
> working and the crash ),

First I thought, the reason it failed was that it was still using an old 
version of Mira (16f40e322e50) from 9 months ago, still unaware of the 
changes related to the components. But even after updating the mira 
repository and restarting, it still fails.

 > but it should not crash mira (see attached logs).

This still stands.

   -- Lars

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