[isabelle-dev] Repository Trouble

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Thu Dec 20 18:22:15 CET 2012

On Thu, 20 Dec 2012, Makarius wrote:

> I just had a long phone call with Franz Huber, the local system admin 
> person. All the macbroy20..29 and lxlabbroyX machines involved here use 
> the same OpenSuse 12.2 with that hg 2.4.  So just empirically that looks 
> like the problem -- breakdowns started approx. at the time of update of 
> several of these machines.
> He will tell me later about further moves.

The current situation is this:

   (1) lxbroy10 is the recommend ssh login server for pushes right now, 
since it uses a completely different Mercurial installation on Linux 
version.  You merely need to reconfigure your .hg/hgrc like this:

   default = ssh://wenzelm@lxbroy10//home/isabelle-repository/repos/isabelle

in analogy to usual host switching, using your own login name, of course.

   (2) The local sysadmins are working on replacement of the Mercurial 2.4 
from SuSE 12.2, which is potentially the cause problems here.

   (3) We watch closely what happens, and think again later.


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