[isabelle-dev] .pyc files (notably from MaSH)

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Mon Dec 9 16:34:23 CET 2013

This is mostly relevant to Jasmin and Larry, but I am posting it here to 
avoid further confusion caused by private mail threads where not everybody 
is involved who might need know about it.

* Some months ago we've had a discussion about .pyc, which lead to the 
following change:

changeset:   53569:347f743e8336
user:        blanchet
date:        Thu Sep 12 10:05:10 2013 +0200
files:       src/HOL/Tools/Sledgehammer/sledgehammer_mash.ML
invoke Python with "no bytecode" option to avoid litering Isabelle source 
directory with ".pyc" files (which can be problematic for a number of 

* Now I see the following:

changeset:   54582:cb17feba74e0
user:        paulson
date:        Mon Nov 25 14:50:31 2013 +0000
files:       .hgignore
MaSH files should be ignored

Does it mean the .pyc are back, or are these just local left-over copies 
in the working directory of Larry?

* Looking further, I've found this:

changeset:   53577:778b2b8f4a35
user:        blanchet
date:        Thu Sep 12 15:14:54 2013 +0200
files:       src/HOL/Tools/Sledgehammer/sledgehammer_mash.ML
more robust approach to avoid Python byte code -- environment variables 
get inherited by subprocesses


Does that actually work, or should it be "env PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE=y 
./mash.py" instead?


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