[isabelle-dev] Unknown ISABELLE_JDK_HOME -- Java tools unavailable

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Jul 31 22:36:25 CEST 2013

On Wed, 31 Jul 2013, chunhan wu wrote:

> Unknown ISABELLE_JDK_HOME -- Java tools unavailable
> Failed to compile sources
> I've installed the Java in my Mac OS X.

You can ignore what is "installed" on the system, Isabelle needs the 
components as specified in Admin/components, and they are not going to be 
installed anywhere, just unpacked into a certain standard location.

> Available components:
>  /Users/chunhan/.isabelle/contrib/jdk-7u21

Guessing from a distance, I would say that the above directory contains a 
broken version of jdk-7u21, one that was produced via "isabelle components 
-a" with some warning/error from tar.

We had some web server problem at TUM for about 2 weeks, but it should be 
OK again.

So after deleting the partial jdk-7u21 above, you should do "isabelle 
components -a" again, and look closely.  (Looking closely is always 
required for anything done with Isabelle repository versions, despite the 
general easy of experimenting with that with all add-on components out of 
the box.)

> But I finished the test code of "http://www.java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp".

You can ignore that.  Nothing needs to be installed on the computer, nor a 
Java browser plugin -- which would be actually a bit dangerous these days.


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