[isabelle-dev] Patch for latest haskell-src-exts

Andrei Melnikov andy.melnikov at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 14:18:35 CET 2014

Hi, I patched revision 79d67868840c so it builds with
haskell-src-exts- and ghc-7.8.3. I attached the patch.
Many of the fixes cause regressions so it's not ready for prime time yet.

I hope I used correct repo and didn't do work already done elsewhere.

To simplify reviewing the patch here are the relevant changes that
happened to hsx:

- One PatBind constructor argument was removed.
- Tuple, TupleCon and PTuple are now used for both boxed and unboxed
tuples so they have an extra argument,
- Hsx.UnknownDeclPragma was removed. I commented out a branch in
Convert.add_pragmas so adding pragmas is broken.
- BangType, BangedTy and UnBangedTy have changed.
- TyVarBind was introduced.
- InstDecl has 2 extra arguments
- PNeg was removed. Instead PLit has an extra argument to signify a
negated literal
- UnGuardedRhs is now used instead of UnGuardedAlt
- ListComp uses QualStmt instead of Stmt
- PBangPat was added
- EVar has an extra argument to signify namespace

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