[isabelle-dev] Admin/PLATFORMS

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Feb 12 15:57:05 CET 2014

This is an update concerning the important Admin/PLATFORM file, see also 

Starting with Isabelle2013-2, the supported versions of Mac OS X are:

   Mac OS X Lion (macbroy6)
   Mac OS X Mountain Lion (macbroy30)
   Mac OS X Mavericks (macbroy2)

The reference machines are relevant for isatest, and especially important 
when building Isabelle components.

Until recently macbroy2 defined the base line for Mac OS X (Snow Leopard), 
but it is now macbroy6 (Lion). Binaries built on macbroy2 will no longer 
work on the standard range of systems specified above!


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