[isabelle-dev] Consolidation of manual naming

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Fri Mar 28 19:24:12 CET 2014

On Fri, 28 Mar 2014, Makarius wrote:

> So what is actually the problem here?  The main practical situation where 
> this connection of divergent names needs to be resolved is "isabelle 
> build_doc".  That could be smarter, or actually somehow be automatic as part 
> of the document viewer.  But we are talking about the Isabelle repository 
> here, not a proper release.

If the confusion was caused by other reasons than the command line of 
build_doc, you should put them forward here.

Otherwise any reform of this little aministrative problem of Isabelle 
repository versions is one of the build_doc command line: there is no need 
to specify the session here, it could just name the "document_variant" 
instead (but that would mean to rewrite the shell script in 
Isabelle/Scala, where this information is available).


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