[isabelle-dev] NEWS: uniform document heading commands

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Sun Nov 2 20:24:10 CET 2014

*** Document preparation ***

* Document headings work uniformly via the commands 'chapter',
'section', 'subsection', 'subsubsection' -- in any context, even
before the initial 'theory' command.  Obsolete proof commands 'sect',
'subsect', 'subsubsect' have been discontinued.  The Obsolete 'header'
command is still retained for some time, but should be replaced by
'chapter', 'section' etc. (using "isabelle update_header"). Minor

This refers to Isabelle/c5e1cce7ace3 with follow-up changes until 

The old header command has a very long history, which demanded odd LaTeX 
tricks to turn it into other personalities.  Direct use of 'chapter' etc. 
now works without further ado, also in the Sidekick document overview.


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