[isabelle-dev] Improved Graphview

Lars Noschinski noschinl at in.tum.de
Wed Feb 18 07:17:33 CET 2015

On 26.01.2015 20:12, Makarius wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Jan 2015, Lars Noschinski wrote:
>> While the UI was clearly subobtimal, I found it very useful to be able
>> to show only a part of the total graph (via "Show -> only children" or
>> so). Similarly, I liked the ability to highlight the children/parents of
>> certain nodes.
>> I'll describe the use-case: I have a hierarchy of 19 locales, with 1
>> root and 8 leaves, describing some complex case distinction. After
>> finishing the proof I got the certain feeling that this hierarchy is too
>> complex or not enough partial results are shared. So, I'm only
>> interested in this part of the whole locale hierarchy
>>  --> I don't want to see any other nodes
>> Furthermore, I have a property P and in my hierarchy there locales
>> corresponding to P and not P. I wanted to ensure that each of my leaf
>> locales inherited from one of these locales (the structure was very much
>> a DAG, not really tree-like, so it was not obvious to see).
>>  --> I colored the descendants of the P and not-P locales (bonus points
>> for different colors).
>> I then proceeded to print the resulting graph and adding further
>> annotations with a pen ;)
> At least printing should now work properly via PDF.
Yes, no problems there.
> Are more than one special colors really required?  I am presently
> considering to improve the "selection" concept (similar to the regular
> text editor selection and its current line/caret), but to discontinue
> the extra colors (which are presently de-activated in e82c72f3b227).
I don't think so.
> Concerning show/hide of sub-graphs, I have also disabled the earlier
> attempt for now, because it was conceptually not right, and leading to
> strange crashes.  It needs further cleanup, as already done for most
> of the remaining code.

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