[isabelle-dev] jdk-7u76

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Jan 21 19:11:07 CET 2015

Oracle has updated both Java 8 and Java 7, the latter with two different 
versions.  As of Isabelle/b48fdcd4e193 we are on jdk-7u76, i.e. the 
"latest stable Java 7". In April there will be the last public release of 
Java 7, which we will probably use for the Isabelle release in April/May.

In Isabelle/fc7054d65f5b I have also tested jdk-8u31, but it is still not 
as stable as it should be -- an odd crash on Mac OS X with jEdit/Console 
plugin. I hope that Oracle eventually manages to provide a decent Java 8 
line, so that we can switch to that later, but it will also need an update 
of jedit itself.


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