[isabelle-dev] Fwd: isabelle test failed

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Thu Jul 2 23:33:07 CEST 2015

On Fri, 26 Jun 2015, Makarius wrote:

> On Fri, 26 Jun 2015, Larry Paulson wrote:
>>  HOL-Proofs, etc., have been failing for several days now. Last time I
>>  checked, it was simply a timeout. Presumably some change to rewriting is
>>  to blame. It may be similar to the AFP failure that I fixed yesterday. Is
>>  anyone familiar with this entry?
> I've made some manual tests just yesterday and then produced the following 
> change:
> changeset:   60574:915da29bf5d9
> user:        wenzelm
> date:        Thu Jun 25 22:56:33 2015 +0200
> files:       Admin/isatest/settings/at64-poly
> description:
> more heap -- hoping for more stability of HOL-Proofs;
> The isatest from tonight did not see that yet, because I pushed it too late 
> after midnight.  Maybe the next test run works.
> The deeper reason why HOL-Proofs takes much longer now is this:
> The first bad revision is:
> changeset:   60046:894d6d863823
> user:        traytel
> date:        Mon Apr 13 13:03:41 2015 +0200
> summary:     call Goal.prove only once for a quadratic number of theorems
> I did not find time yet, to look more closely what is behind that.

There is another rather profane performance problem in the test machine 
lxbroy2: a strange process is sucking up CPU cycles for a long time.  As 
evasive maneuver I've moved the crontab to lxbroy3 (see 22830a64358f).


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