[isabelle-dev] Isabelle/jEdit - Sidekick

Mathias Fleury Mathias.Fleury at ens-rennes.fr
Tue Nov 10 12:52:14 CET 2015

Hello list,

in the sidekick there is a "sub-panel"^1 below the sidekick (see the red rectangle in the joint screenshot). Is there a way to have line breaks in it? The difference between it and the tooltips that appear in the sidekick, is that the tooltips disappear, when moving the cursor, while the content of the "sub-panel" does not.

I think it would be even more useful if the full multiline theorem could be printed out (in the sidekick itself, there is not enough space).


PS: I am posting to the dev mailing list, since the jEdit version changed since the 2015 release, but there are no line-breaks either in the stable version.

^1 it is probably not its real name, but I haven't found a better one in the Isabelle/jedit manual, 

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