[isabelle-dev] CGSCreateKeyboardEvent

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Sun Nov 15 22:37:02 CET 2015


I am forwarding this to isabelle-dev since more people might have seen it.

>From a distance it looks to me like a problem of jdk-8u66, but Google does 
not know anything about it yet.

The Isabelle2016 release is timed to happen shortly after the next jdk-8 
release.  This gives that small garage firm called "Oracle" a chance to 
make things work more smoothly.


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Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 12:48:12 +0000
Subject: CGSCreateKeyboardEvent

Saw this again today

~/isabelle/Repos/src/HOL: isabelle jedit -l Pure  Real.thy
Nov  3 12:32:16  java[12869] <Error>: The function ‘CGSCreateKeyboardEvent’ is obsolete and will be removed in an upcoming update. Unfortunately, this application, or a library it uses, is using this obsolete function, and is thereby contributing to an overall degradation of system performance. Please use `CGSCreateKeyboardEventOfLength' instead.

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