[isabelle-dev] Future of isatest/afptest

Lars Hupel hupel at in.tum.de
Thu Nov 19 14:17:25 CET 2015

> Reckon you could make the status of the builds somehow public?

Definitely! There are already two jobs public at our Jenkins server:


As soon as I add more jobs, they (and their output) will appear there.
Unfortunately the old scheme of sending mails to the people configured
in the "config" file in case of a failing build has to be kept for now.

> (Right now I don’t know whether my patch to ConcurrentGC works or
> not, because I only get failure emails and don’t know when a build is
> run. I know, I should learn to stop worrying and love the silence.
> :-)

There's a way:


Each entry has a "devel" page with a status entry. Your entry is now
fine :-)

In the future I'm also planning to have this site generated on-demand
and hosted by the Jenkins server, including a nice history. (Build
results and timings will be stored in a proper database anyway.)


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