[isabelle-dev] Fonts in etc/symbols with space in the name (incl. workaround for Isabelle-2015), patch thoughts

Rafal Kolanski xs at xaph.net
Tue Sep 15 01:40:45 CEST 2015

On 15/09/15 05:57, Makarius wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Aug 2015, Rafal Kolanski wrote:
>> - Removes hardcoded colors in favor of looking up relevant JEdit
>>   properties. This is critical if you want a light-on-dark setup.
>>   Also in patches/extended_styles style[0] is hardcoded to black
>>   in org/gjt/sp/util/SyntaxUtilities.java. This should really look
>>   up the view.fgColor property in JEdit!
>>   Generally, defaulting to BLACK for foreground is inflexible, use:
>>     jEdit.getColorProperty("view.fgColor")
>>   same for 255,255,255 for a background, try use:
>>     jEdit.getColorProperty("view.bgColor")
> I wonder where this strange light-on-dark trend is coming from, maybe
> from mobile devices?  Many decades ago, monitor display quality was too
> poor for proper black-on-white text, which is why I consider this as
> luxory.

I can't speak for everyone, but my colleagues will attest to the fact
that my eyes are strange. I run my screens with 50% brightness,
light-on-dark and use custom stylesheets to recolor most of the internet
to be black-on-grey. You are right, and studies show this, that
white-on-black yields the highest contrast ratio and best readability.
Unfortunately, for people like me that effect lasts 15 minutes and then
I need to stop. With my current setup, even after 12 hours, my vision
doesn't get blurry at the end of the day. So it isn't purely aesthetic.

As for phones, they're going away from light-on-dark too (e.g. Android

> Anyway, hardwired values are bad.  I've changed most of them in
> 1d9c121cbe4d and 9791f631c20d.

Agreed, and thank you.

> The patched jedit code base will be updated again for the coming release
> of 5.3.0, which should appear *really*soon*now*.  It will be the first
> jEdit release with proper 4K display support!

Well, I hope they have time take a peek at some of the patches sitting
in the queue before then...


Rafal Kolanski

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