[isabelle-dev] Jenkins updates

Lars Hupel hupel at in.tum.de
Sat Mar 19 19:16:54 CET 2016

Dear Isabelle developers,

I've made another round of changes to the Jenkins setup today.

* There is now a nightly "benchmark" job which runs everything in
~~/src/Benchmarks, as promised [0].

* Due to more spurious failures, I've switched over the build machines
to use 64bit. Previous discussions on the mailing list about this were
unclear about the resolution, so I'm opting for 64bit to give the ML
process even more space. Until I can confirm that the builds are running
smoothly there, the build notification mails stay disabled.

* Renamed some jobs to make more apparent what they do. The rule is: If
a job's name is a prefix of another job's name, the first one triggers
the second one. For example, the "afp-repo" triggers the "afp-repo-afp"
job, and does nothing else.

* The new build script ("isabelle ci_build") has already been running
for a while and will soon be merged into the ~~/Admin folder of the
repository, as suggested by Makarius. This script will then also take
care of sending afptest-style mails, but only after the builds are
stable (see above).



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