[isabelle-dev] Jenkins updates

Dmitriy Traytel traytel at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Mar 21 21:09:31 CET 2016

Hi Lars,

thanks for your work. Unfortunately, currently pushing to testboard/isabelle does not seem to trigger new builds. Is this related to the job renamings? Another renaming issue is visible here:


The status icon still points to (the now non-existent) isabelle-repo-checkin .


> On 19 Mar 2016, at 19:16, Lars Hupel <hupel at in.tum.de> wrote:
> Dear Isabelle developers,
> I've made another round of changes to the Jenkins setup today.
> * There is now a nightly "benchmark" job which runs everything in
> ~~/src/Benchmarks, as promised [0].
> * Due to more spurious failures, I've switched over the build machines
> to use 64bit. Previous discussions on the mailing list about this were
> unclear about the resolution, so I'm opting for 64bit to give the ML
> process even more space. Until I can confirm that the builds are running
> smoothly there, the build notification mails stay disabled.
> * Renamed some jobs to make more apparent what they do. The rule is: If
> a job's name is a prefix of another job's name, the first one triggers
> the second one. For example, the "afp-repo" triggers the "afp-repo-afp"
> job, and does nothing else.
> * The new build script ("isabelle ci_build") has already been running
> for a while and will soon be merged into the ~~/Admin folder of the
> repository, as suggested by Makarius. This script will then also take
> care of sending afptest-style mails, but only after the builds are
> stable (see above).
> Cheers
> Lars
> [0]
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