[isabelle-dev] NEWS: unfold_abs_def

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed Sep 7 23:28:52 CEST 2016

*** General ***

* The command 'unfolding' and proof method "unfold" include a second
stage where given equations are passed through the attribute "abs_def"
before rewriting. This ensures that definitions are fully expanded,
regardless of the actual parameters that are provided. Rare
INCOMPATIBILITY in some corner cases: use proof method (simp only:)
instead, or declare [[unfold_abs_def = false]] in the proof context.

This refers to Isabelle/52235c27538c. Typical updates can be seen in
AFP/48cee34f4dfa, but this is just the tail-end of similar updates from
some months ago.

The idea to upgrade "unfold" like that is already quite old, but now it
is implemented in a minimally invasive fashion: omitting the old phase 1
and doing phase 2 only breaks many proofs due to odd shifts of bound
variables, beta/eta redexes etc.

Note that the new 'define' command requires the changed behavior of
"unfold" occasionally, because it prefers arguments applied instead of
abstracted in the specification, just like 'definition'.


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