[isabelle-dev] Access problems to repositories and NFS

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Tue Apr 11 16:17:07 CEST 2017

On 11/04/17 09:34, Lars Hupel wrote:
> In order to keep going with development, I've created a temporary clone
> on Bitbucket: <https://bitbucket.org/larsrh/isabelle-tmp>
> I hope that this is just a temporary workaround (famous last words, I
> know ...).

Thanks for taking care of this.

I noticed a problem with lxbroy10 on Sunday evening and only sent a
short notice to the TUM admin group (without getting a reaction so far).

With more and more resources removed from this group, problems are to be
expected. They are doing there best, but we definitely feel the natural
consequences of the global "austerity policy".

I hope we get back on lxbroy10 soon.


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