[isabelle-dev] NEWS: Isabelle server

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Wed May 9 23:57:00 CEST 2018

On 26/03/18 13:48, Christian Sternagel wrote:
> Thanks, I forgot about that option.
> With "isabelle latex" in the specified directory the error boils down to:
> ./root.tex:31: Package pdftex.def Error: File
> `isabelle-eps-converted-to.pdf' n
> ot found.
> See the pdftex.def package documentation for explanation.
> Type  H <return>  for immediate help.
>  ...
> Should isabelle-eps-converted-to.pdf exist on my system?

I guess that the "epstopdf" tool is missing: there should be some Fedora
package for it.

Anyway, in Isabelle/2a5ae592eafb the latex errors are again spilled into
user output -- this is required for hard errors of missing executables
and style files.

With that I have managed to do "isabelle build -o document=pdf -g doc"
or "isabelle build_doc -a" sucessfully on Fedora 28: after cumbersome
saturation of the texlive installation, where almost every style file
has its own package.


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