[isabelle-dev] Further plans for https://isabelle.sketis.net/repos

Lars Hupel hupel at in.tum.de
Thu Aug 22 23:12:40 CEST 2019

> The Bitbucket incident is further motivation to continue working on this
> soon. Instead of participating in noisy discussions about what the BIG
> INDUSTRY is doing, I will save the energy and invest in further
> investigations about plain and good technologies. There is almost 1 year
> of time left.

It would behove you to stop discrediting me by using ALL CAPS and
calling the valid points I'm bringing up "noisy".

Please also note that I haven't (yet) argued for or against Mercurial,
Git, Bitbucket, GitHub or self-hosted solutions. I'm merely criticizing
your irrational style of discussion.

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