[isabelle-dev] [Spam] AFP hosting

Jasmin Blanchette j.c.blanchette at vu.nl
Tue Aug 27 11:38:57 CEST 2019

> Does that mean you generally prefer the Mercurial client user space
> tools? It would support my impression than many Isabelle people ---
> after having learned Mercurial willy or nilly --- somehow like it and
> stick to it.

For me it's foremost a matter of familiarity. I know the Mercurial commands well enough if I need e.g. to find out what was changed by whom. With git, I need to look up conversion tables on the internet. I should eventually invest the time in learning git properly but until then I use hg when I have a choice.

As for my previous statement that there's no hg-git package for MacPorts; this may have been the case some years ago but there's py-hggit now.

> Such client side bridges usually work only to some extent. It also
> violates the principles of purity and simplicity that I have mentioned
> here in favour of Mercurial.

I don't disagree.


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