[isabelle-dev] Isabelle DejaVu against old Isabelle Text font

Christian Sternagel c.sternagel at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 10:03:01 CET 2019

Dear all,

I am glad to hear that others have the same experience, I thought my
eyes were going bad ;)

But seriously, "buy a new screen" is not always possible. For example,
in the upcoming summer term I am teaching an Isabelle class at the
University of Innsbruck. In my experience (and I just reconfirmed this
for the room I will be teaching in), the projectors we have here a
typically rather old (and have low resolution, but that is a different

At the moment there is a palpable difference (font rendering crispness
wise) between using Isabelle2018 with projector (which I will do anyway
for my class) and some recent development version (sorry I didn't note
down what changeset I used for testing my setup).



On 2/5/19 11:43 AM, Peter Lammich wrote:
> Hi list,
> I just updated my Isabelle devel version (now on d21789843f01), and
> immediately noticed that the displayed fonts are significantly blurry.
> Find attached a side-by-side comparison of Isabelle-d21789843f01 (left)
> and Isabelle-2018 (right). At least on my monitor, the font display on
> the left side is significantly worse (blurred). Both use font size 18
> with standard anti-aliasing method.
> Is this worsening due to another Java version, due to the new Isabelle
> font, or has it some other reasons? How to find out? How to fix it?
> --
>   Peter
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