[isabelle-dev] mercurial accident

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Fri Jan 18 12:35:17 CET 2019

On 18/01/2019 11:42, Lars Hupel wrote:
>> The problem behind this: Angeliki got administrative push-access to the
>> Isabelle repository, without anybody at Cambridge showing her how to use it.
> Before we start blaming individual people, this is not a person problem,
> but a tooling problem. Industry has figured out this problem years ago.
> One doesn't simply allow pushes to master (or "default" in Mercurial).
> CakeML has adopted this too.

I did not blame anybody, merely pointed out the actual problem.

README_REPOSITORY gives a lot of explanations, including our important
model of having just one branch, i.e. no branches at all. With further
branches, the situation would become much worse, like the average
project on github.


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