[isabelle-dev] window type of Isabelle/jEdit splash screen

Christian Sternagel c.sternagel at gmail.com
Thu May 2 11:49:50 CEST 2019

Dear Makarius,

On 4/30/19 11:31 PM, Makarius wrote:
> On 30/04/2019 14:23, Christian Sternagel wrote:
>> Btw: I should have been more precise before. I started Isabelle/jEdit via
>>   $ isabelle jedit
>> which means, I guess, that the resulting splash screen is actually the
>> jEdit splash screen (with the "je" logo of jedit) and not the
>> Isabelle/jEdit splash screen (with the "isabelle" logo)?
>> I'm just mentioning this, since for the latter (with the "isabelle"
>> logo) I get
> There are indeed two possibilities for splash screens: (1) the Isabelle
> one via "java -splash:..." and (2) the jEdit one via a special JWindow
> (only when there is no -splash already).
> I have now clarified and unified the situation as follows:
> changeset:   70220:089753519be0
> tag:         tip
> user:        wenzelm
> date:        Tue Apr 30 20:54:07 2019 +0200
> summary:     more uniform Isabelle splash screen -- avoid problems with
> jEdit splash and Java 11 on some Linux window managers;
> It means there should be always a regular java -splash:... and the jEdit
> JWindow construction is always disabled.
> Can you try this with your window manager?

Yes, "isabelle jedit" and "Isabelle" work now uniformly on my window
manager (i3): Both show the Isabelle splash screen which is properly
handled as floating window.

Just as an aside: While the main Isabelle/jEdit window has the X property

  WM_CLASS(STRING) = "isabelle-Main", "isabelle-Main"

(which I am using to open Isabelle/jEdit on my "Isabelle workspace") the
splash screen is missing this attribute entirely.



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