[isabelle-dev] Isabelle component csdp-6.x is 32-Bit [macOS]

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Thu Nov 28 15:49:22 CET 2019

On 28/11/2019 15:06, Makarius wrote:
> In other words: users who want to use Isabelle2019 with everything as expected
> need to stay away from the macOS update.
> It is clear that such things need to be updated eventually. The standard
> scheme is to have everything working with Catalina with the next official
> Isabelle release.

Spending 1min on the problem I've found the following website:
including this comment at the top of the list at the bottom:

And one major thing you can’t do in Catalina: use 32-bit software.

Most of my software is fine, but it’s amazing how much professional software
still mixes in 32-bit components.  I’m going to have to wait for upgrades over
the next few months before I even consider Catalina.


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