[isabelle-dev] Call for Tasks on isabelle-dev.sketis.net

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Mon Feb 10 22:09:58 CET 2020

Dear observers of the isabelle-dev process,

in the past few years there have been occasional discussions and proposals
about "nice-to-have features" or other improvements.

This is an opportunity to post reminders (privately or publicly), preferably
with pointers to the mailing list archive

I will then make formal Tasks from them on
https://isabelle-dev.sketis.net/maniphest/query/all --- some if it might be
still relevant for the Isabelle2020 release.

(Members of isabelle-dev.sketis.net can of course create their own tasks.)

Collecting and sorting old material right now is important, because some
proposals were accompanied by Isabelle repository forks on Bitbucket.

Atlassian, the monster-corporation behind it, will devour all Mercurial
repositories on 31-May-2020. I don't want to see good ideas being lost in the
great cleansing.


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