[isabelle-dev] Plan for Isabelle2020 release

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Mon Feb 24 16:57:41 CET 2020

On 10/02/2020 21:05, Makarius wrote:
> Looking briefly through the calendar, we can probably make it in the 6 weeks
> from 01-Mar-2020 (Isabelle2020-RC1) to 15-Apr-2020 (Isabelle2020 final).
> Are there other side-conditions? E.g. pending things that need to get into the
> release (and are almost finished already)?

Nobody has put forward any further constraints, so it looks like 01-Mar-2020
will be the date for Isabelle2020-RC1.

This is also another call to check and update NEWS + CONTRIBUTORS.


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