[isabelle-dev] Extension for jEdit Console Active Area

Simon Foster simon.foster at york.ac.uk
Wed Jul 21 14:23:24 CEST 2021

Dear Isabelle Developers,

I've had a first go at developing a PIDE active area that integrates with
the jEdit console plugin. This is essentially a new Markup element called
"run_shell_command" that can be used to execute a command in a target
console. There's also a new Isabelle/ML function
Active.run_shell_command: string -> string -> string -> string, which takes
a target shell (e.g. "System", "Scala" etc.), a command to execute, and a
message to display. If printed with writelen, the markup produces an active
area in the Output pane that switches focus to the Console pane, and given
Shell, and runs the given command. For example,

writeln (Active.run_shell_command "System" "ghci" "Start GHCi")

An envisaged use case is use of external interpreters, such as GHCi, to
execute code and other exported artifacts. A patch wrt. to the Isabelle
development repository, adding the above functionality, is attached. I'd be
happy to receive any feedback or suggested changes on this.



Dr. Simon Foster - Research Fellow in Computer Science
High Integrity Systems Engineering Group, University of York

*My normal working hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.*
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