[isabelle-dev] NEWS: System options short form (e.g. "-o document")

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Mon Jun 7 14:50:18 CEST 2021

*** System ***

* System option "system_log" specifies an optional log file for internal
messages produced by Output.system_message in Isabelle/ML; the value
"true" refers to console progress of the build job. This works for
"isabelle build" or any derivative of it.

* System options of type string may be set to "true" using the short
notation of type bool. E.g. "isabelle build -o system_log".

* System option "document=true" is an alias for "document=pdf" and thus
can be used in the short form. E.g. "isabelle build -o document".

This refers to Isabelle/2a431e8bb9b4.

As the name says, Output.system_message helps for system diagnostics (or adhoc
debugging). It is not for regular user-space tools.

The short form "isabelle build -o document" simplifies our everyday live: I
did not make it a boolean for compatibility, both backwards and forwards.
Eventually we shall see other document formats than PDF, e.g. based on HTML or
PreTeXt (formerly MathBook XML).


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