[isabelle-dev] map_ran's type in HOL-Library.AList is too restrictive

Martin Desharnais martin.desharnais at posteo.de
Tue May 11 09:11:40 CEST 2021

Dear Isabelle developers,

I noticed that the map_ran function from HOL-Library is defined with the 
following type annotation.

definition map_ran :: "('key ⇒ 'val ⇒ 'val) ⇒ ('key × 'val) list ⇒ ('key 
× 'val) list"
   where "map_ran f = map (λ(k, v). (k, f k v))"

This means that it is not possible to use map_ran to map an association 
list from one range type to another. This would be possible if it had 
the following type annotation (or no type annotation at all).

('key ⇒ 'val1 ⇒ 'val2) ⇒ ('key × 'val1) list ⇒ ('key × 'val2) list

I cannot think of any case where it would pose a problem for map_ran to 
have this general type so I tried to changed it. I noticed no resulting 
problem in the HOL distribution. I also checked in the AFP and found 
that only the following sessions use this constant: Call_Arity, 
Launchbury, LTL_to_DRA, and Collections. I also noticed no problem in 
these sessions with the general type.

Is there an historical reason why map_ran has this restrictive type 

Is there any objection to me pushing this change?

While I am at it, I also have the following two small lemmas that I 
found useful and would like to add to HOL-Library.AList. Note that 
map_ran_Cons is only a generalization of map_ran_simps(2) that avoids 
the need for a case analysis of the product x. Is there any objection?

lemma map_fst_map_ran[simp]: "map fst (map_ran f xs) = map fst xs"
   by (simp add: map_ran_def case_prod_beta)

lemma map_ran_Cons: "map_ran f (x # xs) = (fst x, f (fst x) (snd x)) # 
map_ran f xs"
   by (simp add: map_ran_def case_prod_beta)

Martin Desharnais
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