[isabelle-dev] polyml-5.9-610a153b941d

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Tue Nov 16 22:14:45 CET 2021

(After a merge of isabelle-dev and isabelle-release, some notable changes are
back to isabelle-dev.)

Isabelle/610a153b941d provides polyml-5.9-610a153b941d, which is very close to
the final 5.9 release (presumably this week).

* arm64_32-darwin succeeded to build all of Isabelle + AFP.

* arm64-darwin works for all of Isabelle, and some parts of AFP tested so far:
I did not run a full test yet --- it takes 1-2 days each time.

* arm64_32-linux and arm64-linux works for all of Isabelle (on Raspberry PI),
excluding a few proofs in HOL-SMT_Examples.

* x86_32_64 and x86_64 should not produce any surprises.


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