[isabelle-dev] Theories Code_*Int* in AFP entry Native_Word

Florian Haftmann florian.haftmann at informatik.tu-muenchen.de
Sat Feb 26 20:36:45 CET 2022

Hi Andreas,

after the substantial »disentangling« of bit operations and word types
in the last Isabelle release, I went through the theories in Native_Word
concerning code generation for int / integer to clarify the historically
grown theory names following the naming convention of theories
Code_*.thy from HOL-Library (hg id 700323b3c105).

The situation is still not 100% convincing since – despite the session
name – those theories refer to bit operations on int / integer, not
word, but I do not see an alternative which would be worth the effort,
e. g. moving to the distribution or separating into a dedicated AFP
entry Native_Bit or similar.

What could still be done is to eliminate some reminiscences e. g. to the
now discontinued ancient signed numeral representation, but this will
not be a game changer either.

But maybe you want to have a look at the current matter of affairs which
to your eyes might suggest improvements.  No urgency.


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