[isabelle-dev] NEWS: command-line tools "isabelle hg_sync" and "isabelle sync"

Makarius makarius at sketis.net
Sat Jun 11 23:08:34 CEST 2022

*** System ***

* Command-line tool "isabelle hg_sync" synchronizes the working
directory of a local Mercurial repository with a target directory, using
rsync notation for destinations.

* Command-line tool "isabelle sync" synchronizes Isabelle + AFP
repositories with a target directory, based on "isabelle hg_sync". Local
jars and sessions images may be uploaded as well, to avoid redundant
builds on the remote side. This tool requires a Mercurial clone of the
Isabelle repository: a regular download of the distribution will not

This refers to Isabelle/197a5b3a1ea2. Documentation is in the system manual, 
as usual.

In more enlighted times (20-30 years ago), it was common-place to rsync 
required sources and partial builds for remote testing. Today, there is a lot 
of social pressure to do it via repository commits and "CI" instead --- but 
there is no particular need for it, nor does it really solve the problem.

Now we have our own Isabelle tools, and can build more on top of that: e.g. a 
high-end build cluster managed by slurm.

Presently the result of "isabelle sync" requires manual ssh invocation of a 
suitable "isabelle build" command.


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